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Text can be the iron fist or the Achilles heel of any marketing effort so compelling copy is essential. Whether your product fills a gaping market need; your small business offers exemplary service; or you are a talented artist, attorney, or arborist; and I will write copy that articulates your message.

I have a background in finance and experience writing for a diverse range of industries, so I am not only comfortable with professional vernacular, I can also help you connect with the general population. Below you will find links to my copywriting portfolio. Some of the pieces are not available online but are available upon request.


Vistage is an international business group that connects executives around the globe.

Interview with Vistage Member Stephen Siller

Interview with Brian Cescolini, Winner of the 2010 Vistage Leadership Award

Article on Cloud Computing

Interview with Elizabeth Waltman, Winner of the 2010 Vistage Award for Courage

Interview with Kris Carter, First Woman Executive at Kawasaki

Press Release on Arizona Regional Networking Event


A technology company who has developed an iPhone Application that helps users discover new music and allows them to text music files to anyone in their contact list.

Marketing Letter to Solicit Songs from New Artists

I have the Word doc file that we can program the same way we will my resume

Apple Store Homepage

Article for on Injury-Free Endurance Training

Article for on Foot Strengthening Exercises

Law Offices of Kenneth A. Wilhelm Website

Web copy written for a personal injury attorney.

Darvon/Darvocet Recall Website

Web copy written for a class action suit against the makers of Darvon and Darvocet.

Sandra Timmons for School Board

Web copy written for a local school board candidate.

Gloss Salon Boutique

Web copy written for a hair salon.