I like to tell stories; it’s that simple.  I observe, I record, I embellish, and I create.  If you would like to view one of my published stories, please use the links below.

“Cookies,” Defenestration, August 2010.

“Pieces,” Smashcake Magazine, Spring 2011.

Creative Writing

I have also developed storylines for two choose-your-own-adventure videogames: Academagia and YouCube. Geared towards children ages 7-13, Academagia allows them to enroll in a school of magic, pick a “college” and a fanciful sidekick based on their interests, and these choices largely determine the adventures they have. YouCube is a videogame for every adult who relates to The Office. The adventures are based on such professional mainstays as “Bring Your Child To Work Day,” and “climate control” within the office, and are designed to make the player laugh. If you would like to see samples of my creative writing in videogames, please email me.