Credit Karma

What is a Cash Advance?

The Muse

The Muse is an online publication focused on professional advice for women aged 25-35.

“The Road Less Traveled: Navigating an Unusual Career Path”

“The Chicken Farm” (winner of the Workplace Disaster Essay Contest)

“Are You Underpaid?  Four Ways to Find Out”

“Smart Ways to Deal if Your Boss is a Bully”

“Daily Muse 30 Day Challenge”

The Atlantic

The Atlantic is a news magazine that provides analysis on politics, business, culture and national and international life.  In spring 2011, the magazine organized a summit titled, “The Atlantic Meets the Pacific” where panelists and speakers discussed technology, alternative energy, healthcare and the advancements in each field.  I was a live blogger for the event.

Injury-Free Endurance Training” ( website)

Foot Strengthening Exercises” (Women’s Newsletter)

Running Safety Tips” ( website)

Nutrition for Hot Weather Workouts” ( Nutrition Newsletter)


Vistage is an international business group that connects executives around the globe.

ICIC 100 Winner Andrew Crestodina of Orbit Media

ICIC 100 Winner Scott Burns of GovDelivery

ICIC 100 Winner Reid Carr of Red Door Interactive

Vistage Speaker Featured on Lifetime Morning Show

Top Dekk

Top Dekk was a women’s apparel line and online community dedicated to the nautical lifestyle. The company closed operations on March 31, 2013 and took down all of its online content. Below are titles of the articles I wrote for their blog and newsletter.

FDA Changes Requirements for Sunscreen

Chance, A New Brand for Nautical Life

Nautical Goes Luxe in Mink

Fashionable UV Protective Clothing

Interview with Jody McCormick, Competitive Sailing and Marriage DO Mix

Interview with Liz Clark, Surfer, Environmentalist and Sailboat Captain

Interview with Dawn Riley, First Woman to Manage an America’s Cup Syndicate

Interview Top Dekk Founder, Carolann Dekker, Whether You’re a Sailor or Just Want to Date One

Celebrity-inspired Nautical Fashion


I maintained this blog for a law firm that prosecutes people who knowingly give others STDs. My assignment was to write one post per week on various STD-related topics.